When I was eight, I owned my very first camera ( a disposable one, that I had won from KFC!) 📷it was the best thing I had. I took photos of everyone in my family and made them pose the way I thought they should! ( I am the eldest as u can tell), went outside to parks and gardens with bikes to take action shots of my brothers..and man it was so satisfying to hear the clicking sound on the camera…📸
Few Years later, when I thought of what I’d like to be, a voice inside of me said I should become a photographer or a journalist ( any job that involves a camera !). Many Years later I realised with my parents influence, that I had to choose a higher academic degree. And so I became a laboratory scientist🏥 ( oh la la!! )🤓🔬
My love for cameras and photos was still there, however , it was a little “recessive”, not as expressed.
That same voice inside of me said that photographer “gene” would be expressed some time later in my life.
After taking 70,000 photos of my babies in their first 3 years of life, I still regret that I didn’t take more photos🎞 ( my babies are 10 and 8 years old now!!). During the time I was at home with my children, I studied photography! I guess that voice doesn’t shut up!! Learned lots in a short time just for the fun of it or maybe to satisfy that voice.💆🏻
Recently I have decided to build my own photography business as well as keeping my scientist job, looking after my family and all. It isn’t easy, and many times people would say just give up, but never have I thought about it.. that voice kept talking, haunting me and wanting more to learn and achieve. However, I asked myself this once; “why am I still taking photos and trying to grow my business bigger and bigger? Why am I still learning new tricks and wasting hours with camera or online while I could have done that pile of washing that have been sitting there for days?”. Its that voice !! That passion. My voice IS in fact my passion!!😻📸
I realised that childhood is mostly responsible for shaping or forming passion for people.
I mean we all heard and knew that, but do we really REALLY know what and where passion comes from?! Do we really emotionally connect that idea?!
Once someone achieve their passion or goal, they are on top of the world! That feeling you get when you try to re-act the scene from Titanic movie, when Leonardo Dicapreo stands at the bow of that ship and yells: ” I’m the king of the world”!⛴⚓️
If you are passionate about ur goal, you will push hard to achieve it. If you haven’t achieve it yet, help a young kid to achieve theirs. It is just as rewarding and satisfying as achieving ur own. 🏋🏻‍♀️🏃🏻‍♀️Whether its your kid, neighbour, cousin, a friend, a stranger who appeared in your life, believe its for a reason, you might be his/her reason to achieve their goal.
I feel that everyone of us is able to “hand made” their future ( at least parts of their future) to perfectly suit their passion 💗. I am far from achieving my goals, many steps yet to learn, but I am lucky enough to find the right track and grow in it. Whether I get there or not, I am certainly enjoying the journey.
If we are able to reflect all this energy and emotions into our children for them to have a head start in life, keep up with this generation’s rhthym and being able to invent/re-invent the idea of passion and goals, an incrediblely brighter future will be ahead of them. The “impossible” mentality will be a possible one.
This is a reminder to myself before anyone else, when I feel a little lost in life’s busy traffic 🚘, or when I lack energy and so desperate for a boost 🍹.