Like many others who have seen The Greatest Showman, 🎪the new Hugh Jackman’s movie, I was amazed and astonished by it all. Every scene, song, costume and every detail of it was screaming many inspirational messages.
As a photography lover, many colourful ideas have crossed my mind. This movie inspired me to do my current photos, or I would like to call it a campaign.
The movie was powerful in presenting the value of determination and persistence to create your dream and make it come true. It also presented family values very clearly through a very beautiful artistic way. As much as I love movies like that, as much as I was excited by the fancy acrobatics moves, dancing, music, costumes, but minus the animals!!
So many people are aware now of the abuse these animals live for our amusements!! So many are doing the right thing and boycotting circus with animals. So great to see more awareness, sadly though, animal cruelty still exists. So I have decided to talk about it “my way”, through photographs where hopefully it can be worth more than a thousand words.
Saying that, I also like to write about what inspired me to start this series of photos in the next few days, so keep tuned for more magic💙