My girls started school holidays last week and like many mums, you always try to find new fun things to do with your children. Lucky for us that we live in a city that is rich with all sorts of nature’s beauty and treasures and with minimum effort and expense you are able to spend a great day and share a wonderful experience with your children.
We were able to fit in three hiking trips in three different locations within victoria, the Dandenong Mountains, the redwood forest in Wurbuton, and Steavenson falls in Marrysville. Being engulfed in nature is the best definition of positive happy vibes… it is MAGICAL!!!! Amazing beautiful and addictive!! And I think I have set myself a hiking challenge!! Been living in Australia/NZ for more than half my age now ( yes keep guessing..😜) and still get astonished by how beautiful our country is ⛰🌴. If you are looking to get fit, active and have fun in gorgeous victoria go on a discovery adventure.
Of course I was able to take pics of my girls but all in hiking gear, next time I shall be more of a photographer 📸 hiking and pack few probs. If you are interested to get some fantasy photos of your children in a forest, please give a ring🗣📞 and we can organise a special photo session.