Haven’t we all tried to freeze a moment at an event, or a party while socialising and actually being in the party having fun?
It is such hard work trying to balance the two ! And I can tell you that because I as a photographer and a mother of two, automatically being pulled out to take photos at parties and end up missing out on having fun myself!
Not that taking photos is not fun but eventually you feel exhausted and always feeling guilty for not capturing every single moments those kids were smiling at that entertainer at the party, or a cute face each kid is making while playing with their friends.

researchers have found that living the moment and actually seeing the “picture” through eyes will help your brain to create a memory of that event or moment that last much longer than a memory created while looking through your view finder on your camera! I find that quite amazing!! As life go on and become more digital and we have 70,000 files stored weekly on our phones!! Our eyes are still the “tool” that we relay on storing a stronger memory.

Wouldn’t be nice if you had someone telling you: “ I got this, you go and enjoy your party, play with your kids, look at the picture with your eyes and live the moment, I got you covered”…Ahhh.. to me that sounds amazingly relaxing if I wasn’t a clickin crazy about cameras and capturing each unique shot. I love to show a point of view that no one at the party sees it and realise it after it all ends, leaving them with a smile on their faces.